PEACE and NATURE trails

Join us on a virtual walk along the Nature and Peace Highlights of the cities of Liberty and Peace.

Tour Guide

We welcome you to join us on two virtual walks through two cities that are of utmost importance to Peace in the Netherlands. Wageningen, city of Liberty and The Hague, city of Peace. These walks were developed with the covid-19 crisis as a background setting, limiting more people than ever to visit these beautiful cities in person. Therefore, the Bertha von Suttner Peace Institute wanted to bring these cities to your doorstep: Using a new format called AMP stories, we (re)developed these routes for you to enjoy on your mobile phone. They include images, poetry, quotes and information about the peace and nature highlights that these cities hold. Just click one of the links below and tap or click on the right side of your screen to move to the next stop. For more information about a specific site, click the button tilted “find out more” and if you are curious to see where you are exactly, click “you are here”. The Story-format used in the routes is intended for use on mobile phones, and might not work correctly on other devices.

To Wageningen

This is a virtual walk through the city of Liberty: Wageningen. It is based on the capitulation freedom tour of 18 km, as found on Route You, but substantially adapted.

Part 1

Part 2

To The Hague

This is a virtual walk through the city of Peace: the Hague. It is based on the Hague Peace Trail, developed in 2014 by the International Network of Museums for Peace as part of the project ‘Discover Peace in Europe’. This is an interpretation and adaptation of this trail for 2020 by the Bertha von Suttner Peace Institute. The sites of the original Hague Peace Trail are indicated by the blue and pink wings of the INMP Logo.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


These virtual walking routes are the result of the master internship of R. Verhoeff at the Bertha von Suttner Peace Institute. All poetry and images are used rightfully by permission of the owner, in creative commons or the public domain. See the end of each story for the specifics. The routes were created using the MakeStories application.