Impressions from the Bertha von Suttner 175th anniversary event

Saturday, June 9th 

Morning guided tour through the arbitration chamber of the Peace Palace by Dr. Peter van den Dungen, (Chair of the Advisory Board of the BvS Peace Institute) 

Peace Palace Library Lecture by Dr. Peter van den Dungen

Saturday, June 9th Keynote Speakers at the ceremony

Marzhan Nurzhan (from Kazakstan) Abolition 2000 and ICAN In the Footsteps of Bertha von Suttner

Dr. Heinz Fischer (Former President of Austria) Peace Policy from Bertha von Suttner Until Today

Welcome Words by Erik de Baedts, (Director of the Peace Palace and Representative Carnegie Stichting)

Saturday, June 9th in the afternoon

 Toast to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of Bertha von Suttner « Lay Down Your Arms »

Theatre Performance by Austrian Actress, Anita Zieher (alias Bertha von Suttner) and interviewer Professor Susanne Jalka 

Unveiling of new Bertha von Suttner bust by President Dr. Heinz Fischer and Director Erik de Baedts

Artist Lia Krol from the Netherlands with Mrs. Liska Blodgett who commissioned the bust 

Impressions of Guests

Bertha von Suttner Peace Institute Team

Sunday, June 10th

Bertha von Suttner Peace Walk from the City Centre to the Kurhaus 

Friday, June 8th 

Seminar with Bertha von Suttner experts and friends in the Bertha von Suttner peace building 

Unveiling of the bust by artist Agon Qosa (from Kosovo) by Mr. F. Lato 

Theatre Performance The Hotel De Jong, about Korean diplomat Yi Jun who died during the second Hague Peace Conference in The Hague 

Thursday, June 7th

 HagueTalks event in Humanity House with Alyn Ware, Deepti Choubye, and Marzhan Nurzhan about women working for disarmament and peace