Give a name to the drowned victims in the Mediterranean Sea

The Italian coroner Dr. Christina Cattaneo arrives in  Lampedusa in 2015 to help identifying the 1000 bodies found in the sunken boat « Le Barcone » She starts to help with her scientific knowledge as a pathologist. Thousands of dead are washed up on the coasts of Italy and are listed as numbers. But each shipwreck body has a family waiting at home for a word of assurance that this woman, child or man has survived the crossing safely. A register of identification restoring the identity of nameless deaths is needed to make an end to the insecurity of the families. It is a matter of humanitarian service we owe to the thousands of faceless drowned!

Establishing a remembrance museum in the shipwreck Le Barcone in Sicily will be for the living, and a compassionate service to the most vulnerable who died at the European borders.