Alfred Hermann Fried(1864-1921), Peace Activist and Nobel Prize Laureate

Petra Schönemann-Behrens provides an informative review of the life and times of Alfred H. Fried (1864-1921), a significant if underappreciated Austrian pacifist of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Already in 2011, on the 100th anniversary of his Nobel Peace Prize, Petra Schönemann-Behrens’ biography of Alfred H. Fried was published in German. This excellent study of a fascinating pioneer of the pre-World War I peace movement – and close collaborator of Bertha von Suttner – is now also available in English translation. Alfred Hermann Fried: Peace Activist and Nobel Prize Laureate was recently published by Brill. For more information, see the flyer at The book is freely accessible online at It comes with a new foreword by Peter van den Dungen (as well as his epilogue that was published in the original edition).